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It’s a Dog’s Life; Our Furry Friends Deserve a Holiday Too.

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Us Brits are generally a hard working bunch of people. That said, we do also like to play hard. A family holiday every year is something we look forward to with eager anticipation – a week in the sun lying on a lounger, or trekking mountains in the Himalayas – whatever takes your fancy, dog owners need not be parted with their furry friends during holiday season. There are now so many options for a fun filled, action packed family holiday where you are welcome to bring your dogs. Of course this won’t meet everyone’s approval. That’s the nature of human beings, they like to oppose one another from time to time. It’s expected that those holiday goers who aren’t so dog friendly will complain about smell, noise and unavoidably – poop left on the ground by careless owners. My mother always said that she could never understand why hotels, restaurants etc didn’t allow dogs on their premises. ‘They don’t make a mess, create noise or cause a disturbance. You kids do all of those things and they let you in!’. A valid point well made. However, things are a bit different now, and there are a plethora of fantastic holidays to choose from which welcome your dog like the part of the family they have become to you. I’ve highlighted two very different holidays below, which throw up quite a contrast.


If you love nothing more than to go all ‘Hi De Hi’ on your holiday, then Park Resorts in the Isle of Wight may just be for you! With your choice of a standard or luxury static caravan with all the mod cons, many of the Park Resorts offer dog friendly accommodation which is usually an area designated a little further away from the on-site attractions. I guess this is done to deter people from bringing their mutts into the communal areas too much, but of course this can’t be stopped or even limited. I have also heard reports of these areas of accommodation reeking of dog mess, due to the more incompetent and thoughtless dog owner, but this may not be a true representation across all parks of this nature. The great thing about the Isle of Wight is they have fantastic beaches that dogs just adore – so jump in the car and explore your surroundings and let your dog also do some exploring of his own! But as always – remember your poop bags or scooper! Park Resorts often offer deals over certain weekends of the year, making it the perfect family holiday on a budget that you can enjoy with your pets. The entertainment is reported to be second to none with a fantastic kids club.


Now for something a little grander. Voted number 4 in a survey titled ‘Top 10: the best pet-friendly hotels in Britain’, is an absolutely stunning luxury brand new town hotel called Trigony House in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. I can actually vouch for this place, as we visited it with our two dogs for a holiday some years ago. On arrival, your pooches are given a welcome pack which is signed from the two dogs that live at the hotel (how cute!) with luxury treats and a welcome note. Only some of the rooms are dog friendly, but we chose the ground floor garden suite as it came with (not surprisingly) its own garden attached. The food was exquisite, and the dogs were welcome to join you to eat in the bar restaurant which was, quite frankly, more inviting and welcoming than the formal dining room but you could order from the same menu. With beautiful countryside for perfect dog walking, delicious food and wine, this really was a luxury treat that you can share with your dogs, which for us, made it all the more worthwhile. We did not notice any rogue dog poop on the hotel grounds or the nearby walks, and there certainly was no smell. Highly recommended.


We’d love to hear from you about your favourite dog holidays, and whether you came across any issues with people not clearing their dog mess, or the opposite? How do you find people behave whilst on holiday? Are they more or less careless when it comes to scooping? Any horror stories? Use the comments box below to fill us in, we love a good story!

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