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Events and Community

Whether you run regular events or have a communal area used by dogs we offer a professional pet waste management service to cater for your individual needs.

Scoop Dotty Dog offers the convenience of temporary bins, which are set up at your event or a permanent fixed unit for a communal area.


How Does It Work?


A simple solution of providing temporary bins designated for dog waste only. Scoop Dotty Dog agents will arrive at your venue and place the desired quantity of bins in the agreed locations. All bins are marked ‘PET WASTE ONLY’. When the event is over the agent will return to collect the bags and the bins and provide you with a waste transfer note. No hassle, no dirty work, no problem.



Working closely with local communities and authorities the Scoop Dotty Dog team offer a bespoke waste management system to ensure your parks and streets are kept waste free. Providing services which include bin management, street scoops and a variety of emergency response removals.

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