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Scoop Dotty Dog poop-a-scoop service is simple and convenient.

During our visit a fully trained and insured technician will attend your garden, removing any doggy deposits.

scoopdottydog collects your dog waste

Scoop Dotty Dog prides itself on providing a quality service at an affordable price. Technicians are fully trained before being allowed to attend any property and we have a precise working regime to ensure every bit of waste is removed. All technicians will be uniformed and driving a sign written vehicle for your peace of mind.

Working in a grid like fashion the technician will cover the area searching and collecting as they go. Once the initial sweep has finished, the technician follows up with a secondary walk, this time fogging the area with our pet safe disinfectant and deodoriser. This will help kill any toxins and viruses left behind and help alleviate smells too. It also ensures every inch of the area has been viewed and cleared not only once but twice.

Scoop Dotty Dog provides this spraying/fogging service as standard and is all part of our service.

Where does the waste go?

dog waste in Berkshire environmentally friendly removedScoop Dotty Dog technicians hold a full waste carriers licence and will dispose of any waste off site. We do not leave it in your household bins! All our waste is sent for recycling and made into bio-fuel, as part of our eco initiative, we do not wish for waste to go for landfill and prefer it is used productively.

Why Use Scoop Dotty Dog?

  • Our technicians are fully trained, insured, uniformed and drive a branded vehicle
  • Customer service is our priority
  • We provide deodorising/disinfecting and full removal of waste as standard
  • We offer service plans to suit your needs
  • We offer an affordable, simple, yet effective service available to all
  • Equipment is sanitised after every client and technicians wear gloves and sanitise their hands and boots too. Ensuring no cross contamination between homes