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Scoop Dotty Dog provides a business to business service for dog boarders and trainers

Offering a convenient and efficient waste disposal facility where we come to you, collect the waste and take it away for recycling.
Boarding at private homes presents the issue of where to dispose of your business waste. Councils and local authorities will not allow business waste into the household bins and have been actively cracking down on home boarders and trainers disposal routine.

Scoop Dotty Dog agents will provide you with a Waste Transfer Note on each collection allowing you to show the transfer of responsibility to us.   Your business will no longer be held liable for any disposal as we take that upon collection.

All dog waste received will be recycled into bio-gas.  As part of our eco initiative we have opted to avoid landfill and ensure pet waste is used productively.

We provide you with bags and ties and we can either set designated days to collect or provide a call and collect service.

How Does It Work?


  • Scoop Dotty Dog agent provides you with a bag and tie
  • You set your desired collection day or agree a call and collect service
  • Scoop Dotty Dog arrives swaps your full bag for an empty one and new tie
  • You sign the waste transfer note
  • We take it away
Fact – Did you know if you carry dog waste in your vehicle with-out a licence and with the intent to take it to the park and put it in their bins, you can be fined up to £5,000 and up to £50,000 for incorrect business waste disposal!!!